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Sirennnow has thousands of movies, games, music and e-books. From timeless classics to wacky comedies, from romantic novels to captivating games. There's something for everyone.

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    Stream movies and music, read books and play games all from your phone, tablet, laptop, Smart TV or other devices.


    Collect your most beloved titles and keep the ones you cherish most in your own library. Create, and share a list of what you love with members who might love it too.


    You can go on an adventure without leaving home, but you can take us with you on your phone, tablet or laptop at no additional cost when you do.

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Find top houseware and electronic products from today's hottest brands like Apple, Dyson, Smeg, Sony and more.

Shop eco and socially conscious products , each with their own ethical story, that make the world a better place.

Embrace conscious consumerism! Every purchase will create a positive impact on causes that matter and help you build more your ethical story.

Protecting Your Privacy Online

Secure your experience and surf in safety with our unlockable Sirennnow VPN!

Hide your location and personal information.

Protect yourself from hackers, cyber scams, snoopers and government monitoring.

Access geo-restricted sites, like Netflix, Hulu.

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